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It seems that all paths lead to YouTube these days.

I came across these totally by accident, so I am sure others have blogged about this already. Paula Scher of Pentagram created a bunch of stationary design templates as part of HP’s new What do you have to say campaign. Petty sweet.

The Pentagram site also has a nice YouTube video of Scher’s Moleskine sketchbook. A peak into the mind of a master.

This is what I love about the Internet. I start at Pentagram’s site, and serendipitously I find Paula Scher’s design templates and that leads to her sketchbook, which then leads me to find out that the YouTube video of her sketchbook was part of a larger exhibition called Detour organized by Moleskine, which showcases artists and their sketchbooks.

There’s a whole series of sketchbooks videos on YouTube.