Sugar on Eee PC

Sugar on EeePC

Sugar running on Asus EeePC

Finally got Sugar installed on my Asus Eee PC.

My brother gave me a pink Asus Eee as a gift for my daughter about a year ago, but having used it for a few days I was convinced that the version Linux it was running and the lack of Korean support would do more to damage to my daughter’s computer literacy than help it.

Recently I realized that I could install Sugar Learning Platform, the OS running on the OLPC XO (Nicholas Negroponte‘s One Laptop Per Child initiative) on the Eee. Initial web search was very confusing. Do you need to install Ubuntu? Can you install it from a USB? Do you need a CD-ROM drive…

Mike Lee (@curiouslee) who has been using an OLPC XO and has Sugar installed on his Eee gave me the amazingly simple installation answer. It took basic 2 steps:

You need a Windows PC though.

Step 1: Create a standalone USB drive with Sugar from your Windows PC.

  • Plug in your USB drive (1 gig or more) to the PC.
  • Download and run Fedora LiveUSB Creator.
  • Select “Sugar on a Stick” under “Download Fedora”. Select your USB stick under “Target Device”.
  • Click “Create Live USB” button. This should take a while (It took about 2 hours to download and create for me).
  • When the process completes, you now have “Sugar on a Stick” (SoaS)!

Step 2: Boot up Eee from your USB drive

  • Plug the USB drive into your Eee, then hold down F2 as it is booting up to launch “BIOS Setup Utility”.
  • Select the 4th tab “Boot”.
  • Then select “Hard Disk Drives” from the Boot Settings. Set your USB stick as the 1st Drive.
  • Hit F10 to Save and Exit the BIOS setup.

You are done. The system should start up in Sugar.

Thx Mike for showing me the light. I’m going to test Sugar out and hopefully write more about it.

  • Maya Bailey

    i alway use my Asus EEE PC when i am out of town because it is very light.~`