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UX for Good

Just launched a new blog which tries to bring together my often intersecting interest in user experience (UX) and social change.

In quite a visionary statement with far before the birth of the internet, Charles Eames said:

Beyond the age of information is the age of choices.

It is an understatement to say that we are today flooded with information. But what to do with that information? I personally believe it needs a purpose, and that purpose is social change for the benefit of ourselves, the communities in which we live in and our environment.

I do want to leave a better future for my two kids. Or at least leave them with the knowledge that I tried.

StrangeSystems v3.0 now on WordPress

After spending the last year on SquareSpace, I am finally switching over to WordPress. Spent the last month or so finessing the templates. Not quite 100% satisfied just yet, but the bulk of the design is done – I can continue tweaking for the rest of my life.

Why the switch? I’ve been quite happy with SquareSpaces, they really do have the best user experience of any blog software, with their sleek AJAX’ed admin interface/tools and inline blog entry editing, but in the end it came down to one thing: cash. In order to maintain my own domain name on SquareSpace, it’s $12/mo, or about $120 a year. I pay for maintain a server already, so I couldn’t justify the duplicated costs anymore. Another issue also: after some testing, I found that WordPress hosted on my private server is actually faster serving up the main page than Squarespace.

I am not sure hoq long the old site will remain up, but you can still access it at

Let me know what you think of the new design.