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Data visualization

Visualizing: tracing an aesthetics of data is a good overview of current state of data visualization.

CARMA: Visualizing Carbon Emission Data

Center for Global Development\'s CARMA website

Center for Global Development's CARMA website

CARMA (Carbon Monitoring for Action) is a project by the Center for Global Development that I was peripherally involved in at my old firm, Forum One Communications.

It recently came online and tracks the CO2 output of carbon emitting sources around the world. (Carbon dioxide being one of the causes global warming) It attempts to reveal who are the worse offenders in an effort that through public pressure and resulting market pressure (investors will be turned off by bad publicity) the offenders will clean up their act.

A case of information leading to action.

Data Visualization of Global Health Statistics

Hans Rosling is a professor of global health at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. He has one of the most amazing presentations on the TED conference video list. He analyzes global health data, but uses a tool to adds the dimension of time which illuminates trends and relationships that are harder to grasp as static charts. He also cautions against lumping regions together, and shows that each region embodies a whole range of conditions.

What’s more you can play around with the tool he presents, called Gapminder. Pretty cool stuff.

Visualizing global health development with Gapminder

Visualizing global health development with Gapminder