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When a Display Becomes Architectural

The video wall inside the IAC building, Frank Gehry’s New York City landmark is huge. At this scale is ceases to be a “display” screen and comes into the realm of the architectural, where it starts to define the character of the space.

This is very high on the list of places to visit next time I am in NY.

ITP Big Screens Testing Round 2 from shiffman on Vimeo.

Favorite Architecture Photos

American Cultural Center, Paris (Frank Gehry)

As I have been packing to move to Korea, I came across a box full of slides I took while I as at Columbia University in the late 90s. Using my office’s cheap Epson scanner, I scanned a couple of my favorites.

The above is Frank Gehry’s American Center in Paris, taken 1995, I think.

You can also see my Flickr set of architectural photos. I’ll be posting random photos from the set if I don’t have anything interesting to write about.