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It seems that all paths lead to YouTube these days.

I came across these totally by accident, so I am sure others have blogged about this already. Paula Scher of Pentagram created a bunch of stationary design templates as part of HP’s new What do you have to say campaign. Petty sweet.

The Pentagram site also has a nice YouTube video of Scher’s Moleskine sketchbook. A peak into the mind of a master.

This is what I love about the Internet. I start at Pentagram’s site, and serendipitously I find Paula Scher’s design templates and that leads to her sketchbook, which then leads me to find out that the YouTube video of her sketchbook was part of a larger exhibition called Detour organized by Moleskine, which showcases artists and their sketchbooks.

There’s a whole series of sketchbooks videos on YouTube.

Photos of the Corner Office

Contents of my pockets

In my last days at Forum One, I’ve been trying to meet up friends (who were often clients) I’ve become close with during my time here. Mike Lee from AARP stopped by and he took some snapshots of me in my office on his iPhone and he saved me the bother (and embarrassment) of having to set up my own shots of myself in my office. Thanks Mike.

He took a photo from my notebook of all the places I have lived during my lifetime. I was tying to show each line to represent a significant move, and dots and the size of the dots to represent to location and duration of stay.

The most interesting photo he took was of the contents of my pockets. I hate carrying stuff around in my pockets so the first chance I get, I pull them all out. On this day I had a Motorola RAZR, Apple iPod, my wallet, bunch of keys, Moleskine pocket cahier and my cheap plastic I-can’t-live-without Parker Vector fountain pen. I realized that most of these things can be replaced with one iPhone. I know in some parts of the world you can pay for stuff with your cellphone, so I wouldn’t even need my wallet. Do you think they can put my driver’s license on an iPhone?

Call me old-fashioned but I don’t think I can ever replace my notebook with an electronic device. I like doodling in my notebook too much. I like leaving evidence, plus nothing compares to the sensation of flowing ink on paper.